• I would like to tell him that making me stand for an entire weeks worth of classes just because I questioned an activity we were doing was completely and totally unfair, I would also like to tell him that I am going to become a teacher even though he told me "that with writing like that you'll never amount to much" He was horrible!
  • Sixth grade..Miss Nyberg. She would purposely mispronounce my name..she would call on me even when my hand wasn't raised and start off by saying "since you are so smart, why don't you tell the class the answer to this question?" I had skipped several grades and was younger than everyone else..I was also very shy. Why she chose to embarrass me that way I will never know. She is the one bad apple among all the teachers I've ever had. Shame on her! :)
    • Linda Joy
      While it was an ugly way to do it, I can see a strategy of this sort building your confidence. Proving to yourself what all you actually do know and challenging you to be sure to read the information so you will be prepared when she does call on you. If she was trying to be an ass, it probably backfired on her in the long run and only made you a better person because you were smarter than her even then to know you shouldn't treat people like that.
  • fifth grade. She was too old too teach.
  • Sixth grade - Miss Harris She was a mean bitch who selected a few of us (for whatever reason) and never gave us a chance - ever - to prove that we were intelligent and capable of doing her stupid problems. She was fired about 2 years after I escaped her claws. To her I would say,"I am now, as I always was, smarter than you. I am completely self-sufficient and make more $$ than you would ever hope to." But I'm not bitter. LOL On a positive note, she did teach me how to do outlines, which I still use to this day. dammit. ;-)
  • I had this gym teacher when I was in 7th grade and one day I didn't dress out and I didn't want to participate. She claimed it was because I was too lazy and too stupid to do the activity. So, being 13, I went off and yelled at her and told her everything I always wanted to say to her. It started with her calling my stupid in front of the class, and then I called her a bitch in the hall, I guess she overheard and pulled me back into class and asked me to repeat what I had said so, I did plus some. lol I did feel better, I ended up suspended for a day for using foul language at a teacher. She also got into trouble for calling me stupid in front of the whole class. She picked on me for the whole year, so I felt justified. I made her cry though. She was going to fail me and make me go to summer school, but when she found out that she was the one that had to teach summer school, I somehow passed with a C.
  • A few. Mrs. Sicard: 5th and sixth grade teacher assistant: Does picking on children make you feel big? Does callng CPS on everyone 2-4 times a year for no reason citing some falsified bruise or stain on clothing as a reason make you happy? Did you pick on me and and my sisters because we were taller than you in fifth and sixth grade? Does calling a student dumb or stupid in front of the whole class make you feel smarter? Does knocking a student down while passing them in the hall knowing they cannot strike back without punishment give you "all the more reason"? Did starting rumors among other students against me so I would be cast aside by them soothe your obvious self loathing? Did marking me "retard" in front of everyone make you feel vindicated? What did I ever do to you? Mrs. Sprouse: Substitute: 5th & 6th grade: Hitting me on the back of the head, grasping my shoulder with so much pressure that it left bruises and standing over me because I asked you not to.... was senseless and it hurt. I am so mad that the reports on you never got you fired. You harrassed my sisters and were allowed to keep abusing students until, well; this summer. Rest in peace! Mrs. Connelly: 6th grade: Did losing all of my work for every assignment and making me re do it or giving me an F accomplish anything? Why did you always only lose my work and then tell my mom and dad I never did it? Why, after I won first in the science fair did you rip up my project before it went to county? (I didn't get to go). I went to ISS for supposedly hitting you and I don't remember doing so. Did you claim this just to marr my records? Coach Comer: 8th grade: P.E. : My name is not "RED" I do have asthma. So when you took my inhaler and tried to make me run the track and I fell, wheezing, you had no right to stand over me laughing. You had no right to throw my inhaler where I couldn't reach it, making me crawl onto the football field to reach it. When you see a student having a soccer ball forcefully, purposefully aimed and kicked into thier face and you see thier nose bleeing and their glasses broken... you don't stand and laugh or high five the offending student. This goes for the basketball and the baseball too. You encourage evil. You ARE evil. Mr. Silvers: 10th grade: Biology: You told me to shut up and thought you'd shut me up by putting me in your place. Well... I didn't shut up and everyone passed my pop quiz.... why did no one pass yours? Maybe you aren't the great teacher you thought you were, huh? There are about four others I can think of... but this is sufficient. The worst of the worst. If I ever wonder why I am agoraphobic or have social anxiety... I just think.... maybe it had something to do with school.....
  • Yes. My seventh grade algebra teacher. I'd just smile and say to her, "Eat your heart out."
  • Three of them. One in high school and two in college. HS teacher gave me a failing grade for no reason, midterm. (Fortunately, she broke her leg while drunk and was replaced for the rest of the term.) College instructor 1 - "lost" my term paper , said I never submitted it and gave me an incomplete. College instructor 2 - "changed" the grading system at the end of the term and gave me an incomplete. I wouldn't tell them anything, wouldn't waste my breath.
  • 7th grade - English. Mrs. Bowden I'll never forget her. She always gave me low grades. No matter how hard I worked. She would never acknowledge me in the class if I tried to answer a question. I remember at the end of the third quarter, she called me out in the middle of a class. She said in front of the whole class that I was failing her class for not completing my school work. I denied it and said that I had passed everything in to her and she said, "No, you have not passed in anything." I called her a liar and walked out of her class and went to the office and got the assistant principal. We went back to the class and she had miraculously found everything and I was passing the class. I believe they fired her. She only remained for another few weeks and then was gone. I ended up with an A in that class. And I graduated 36th in my class of 150+. I wouldn't waste my breath on saying anything to her.
  • Yeah, in elementary school i was sent twice in the hospital because the teacher beat me up...
  • In 8th grade my English teacher always threw away my term papers and fail me.
  • I have always been very vocal, hold no punches and cut no corners. Needless to say that this type of personality doesn't sit to well with some people, and that has included some teachers. Mrs.Phillips--an English teacher in the 11th grade--called me into her office and told me point blanck: "I don't like you at all, so don't expect me to be nice to you in any way, form or shape". I simply replied to her: "Kiss my ass!"
  • Ms.Tegenfeldt, 5th grade She always thought any trouble that happened at school was because of me. She tried pinning mischiefs on me, and one time insisted that I was lying about smearing glue across another student's desk. I knew the actual person that did it, but they were my friend, and I didn't want to rat them out. Ms.Tegenfeldt started to push punishment on me, and I finally told on my friend. My friend resented me after that. Thanks Ms.Tegenfeldt, you bitch, you forced me to lose a friend. She was also generally mean to me and gave me low grades. She also loved to call my parents and complain about me, and deprived me of privileges the other students got because she claimed to "know what my mom wanted for me." I would like to say to her, "FUCK YOU, BITCH, I'M IN THE IVY LEAGUE NOW"
  • Oh yeah. Miss Clairday from 8th grade Reading. She freaking screamed at me because she thought I was cheating on the benchmark just because I paused while I was flipping the page to check something over. So. After the principal decided to believe ME, she got all embarrassed for the rest of the year and kissed my ass. :)
  • you see, i was just plainely ignored, all the teachers attention would either be fixed on the smart kids or the bad kids, people like myself just blended in and therfore we suffered at school. i dont think any of the teachers i had, some for 4 years could even remember my name if they recognised me at all.
  • I went to a very small community high school and I had a teacher that on the first day gave us assignments. When he told us to open our Social studies books, I opened my social science book by accident. He walked by, saw me with a different book open, slung my book across the room and made me sit in the hallway and take notes for a week for doing work from other classes in his class...needless to say if this was the first day of school, it would inevitably only get worse. Soon because he was a (very loudly admitted) christian and I was a long haired, metal t-shirt wearing atheist, he decided to make it a point to pick on me making snide remarks about atheists and stuff...things not even relevant to the class. When I walked into class he would say "so, do you have an ugly t-shirt for every day of the week?" and I replied "do you have an ugly tie for every day of the week"...again sent to the hallway. He would ask if the "devil helped me pass the test" when I got grades back (incidently I was a top student with a 3.9 in highschool....even though in his class I had to do most of my work from the hallway) He gave me detention any chance he got, but I skipped them all (because he also was the detention teacher)until the principal called me into his office for having 30 days of detention...he let me out of all of them if I sung him a Christmas carol (it was almost x-mas break) and I also had designed some logos and stuff for the school so I was in his good graces. Strangely enough I was a perfect student, the only guy that didnt like me was the Social Studies teacher. He constantly accused me of being a satanist and even tried to get me kicked out of his class. So then I heard he was offering christian teen classes before and after school, free for anyone to I attended them..I didn't participate I just figured if he was gonna kick me out of his class then I would attend it when he legally couldn't kick me out. He hated that! He reported me for it and said I was a distraction, they asked me to leave. So I reported him for talking about drinking beer and getting shitfaced on his fishing boat during class. So finally he got fired for having girls sit on his lap in class and altering grades for athletes........problem solved.
  • I had a maths teacher when I was aged 15-16 who clearly had his favourites & I was not one of them. I once asked him to go over something again & his response was to say "if you can't be bothered to understand it I can't be bothered to explain it to you!" I would tell him about the reaction when I recounted the story in my own teacher training class & how I never forgot what he said & used it to remind myself not to be the complete #@%$ to students that he was.
  • Yes, and there was no doubt whatsoever. That is: it was very much more than a feeling. And: on more than one occasion (including a professor at university). In the last case I was able to "adapt" to the situation, and the professor (who was miserably inept, and her wounded pride was the source of the problem), got over her negative feelings for me before the end of the semester. (Still: affected my grade negatively, literally because I knew the subject better than she did. Wow.) But yeah, also had a couple of teacher problems in high school - and in one case in high school, it was a much more deep-seated resentment on the teacher's part, and one that I had no inkling on how to resolve (and probably wouldn't have tried if I did, given the circumstances). Nowadays I expect such a teacher would be identified and fired for the sorts of things that teacher did. At least: I like to think so.
  • Way back in dinosaur days! I told a coach that was supposed to be teaching Science I didn't like football and he hit me on the palms of the hands with a ruler (he called it a sacrifice) I thought it was unfair but got over it relatively quickly.
  • I can't say I was treated unfairly, but I had a professor during my freshman year of college who told me I was a bad writer. This was a very distressing shock, since I had always been praised or my writing, had won the English prize at my secondary school, and had also won a prize in a national fiction contest. I was left reeling by his criticism. Since then, however, I have not only won other awards, I have earned a PhD and published 4 books and a number of articles, both scholarly and non-scholarly. I'd love to shove them right under that guy's nose.

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