• I wouldn't worry about it; natural and manmade disaster will greatly reduce this number.
  • If space debris doesn't come crashing down and annihilate us, then we will keep finding ways to survive...cull the oceans for space stations..turn the deserts into habitable areas. We are pretty resourceful and some of us are quite brilliant...and I don't know who came up with the can quote any statistic..that doesn't necessarily prove that it is valid or meaningful.
  • I'm not worried about it at all. If nobody died, then I'd worry, but people die every day, so I doubt there will be THAT many people here. Now I know that in I think China, they only allow one child per family..
  • I have to take issue with your question - the world population in the year 1900 is estimated to have been 1.65 billion.
  • There will have to be laws that state you can't have more than 2 children. Or whatever number of children is voted as acceptable. Or we will have to have a second Earth somewhere.
  • Mass genocide. However, this is not likely to happen, as it violates human rights profusely

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