• A friend of my mothers (tenuous link alert...) worked as an extra for films and tv and said that normally it takes so long to film a scene that by the time they're done the food would be either cold or pretty disgusting, the harsh lights used in filming don't do food any favours either- its a bit like storing your steak on the front lawn on a hot day. Also, in the case of fruit, veg and sometimes meat, because it starts to look less appetising after an hour or two they will usually touch it up with various chemical sprays or colours, or even replace some of it with fakes (wine is nearly always coloured water) which obviously makes it inedible. So essentially, no, because they probably really wouldn't want to.
  • I've worked as an extra (we are also called background or atmosphere) and if you are asked to eat or drink on "Action" you usually get your fill of the stuff by the time all the shots are wrapped, so you want to take small sips and tiny bites. Fortunately, when real food is used, it's usually quite good in quality. The next time you see actors actually eating in a scene, know that they have probably eaten that same "bite" many times to get the shot right. I once saw Tim Allen eat an ice cream cone and deliver dialogue, which has to be one of the hardest things to do with melting ice cream under hot lights. I've also watched actors and extras push their food around on their plates without ever taking a bite at all.
  • When filming, the props department, is continually replacing the food that has been partially eaten and the glasses refilled.It is important that continuity is maintained.The actors do not eat this food for it becomes cold and the actors are fed great catered food free.

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