• I have the same problem, though my machine records for about 60-90 seconds, then flashes an error message really briefly that says something like, "The TV input at the video system has been changed.", and then it shuts down. Up until that point, the dvd records just fine, and will play back until the image just stops. Going to BestBuy tonight so they can try to record the same VHS tape on DVD-R at the store. I'll report what I learn. The Toshiba model # is the same, D-VR600KU, (which the Toshiba website does not even recognize when doing a search. Tom
  • We had the same problem. A message on the tv screen says "The TV System of the input video has been changed" I called Toshiba and they said to hold the input select button and the play button for approx 5 seconds and this will restore it to the original factory system. This will turn off the time and date and you will have to reset them. It works fine now.
  • I got the Toshiba D-VR600KU for Christmas and I love it. Copied all my VHS and never had a problem. I just read the manual real careful and even though it is a little confusing I finally got it working. I am going to buy another on for my front room TV. It plays .AVI's just like a DVD. Bill
  • i have the same error and i try the 5 seconds of pressing play and input select, and yes they shut down but the problem still there, i cant write any dvd :( please if u solve it, share the answer

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