• Lager is a pale beer that originated in Germany. Pilsener is a specific type of lager that originated in a specific place - Pilsen, Czech Republic. Stout is a a very dark, almost black beer that originated in Ireland - Guinness and Murphy's are two good examples. Beer or ale is, of course, superior to them all ;-)
  • Hey, Okay, beer breaks down into two main categories, a lager and an ale. The difference between the beer styles is the type of yeast they use. A lager uses a bottom fermenting yeast that works at cooler temps. Overall lager is a style of beer. The word lager is from the German word meaning "to store". Refers to a traditionally "bottom fermented" beer at temperatures of 40-50 degrees F (4-10 C) and stored for several weeks or months at cold temperatures (close to 0 degrees C /32 degrees F). Compared to an ale, which uses a top-fermenting yeast and works at warmer temps than yeasts used to brew lager beer, and their byproducts are more evident in taste and aroma. Fruitiness and esters are often part of an ale's character. Also, referred to as "top fermenting" yeast, because of ability to form a layer of yeast on surface during fermentation. You can check out my website about many beer styles and other beer info like beer reviews and events. So, to answer the other part of your question (difference between a pilsner and a stout) . A stout, Known as the Black ales that owe their color and taste to the roasted barley and flavorable hops. There are several styles of Stouts: Imperial, sweet, oatmeal and the dry stout. The dry stout is the most popular (the classic Guinness Stout). Often low starting gravities, low alcohol content, and clean bitterness but no hop flavor or aroma. And a pilsner (there are two different styles of Pilsner Czech and German): The Czech pilsner remains original with its pale, golden and refreshing. A creamy dense head well carbonated brew accent the rich, sweet malt. Called "Pils" for short, this style is an offspring of the Czech style. This beer is also a lager beer brewed with bottom fermenting yeast at temperatures below 50 degrees F (10 C). This beer has more bitterness and a drier, less malty character than the Czech style. you can click the styles of beers and find commercial examples of them. Go try them and then you can share your opinion on the web site . Thanks J

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