• This is an intersting question. What philospher was noted to drink fifty cups to seventy two cups of coffee, on adverage, every day? The answer is Voltaire. How he can drink that much, I'll never know.
  • What prime time drama star is the daughter of '50s actress and sex symbol Jayne Mansfield? Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson- Law and Order Special Victims Unit)
  • Who is the all-time leader in MLB for wins as a manager? loses? Connie Mack, Philadelphia A's on both cases
  • Q: What 1991 remake starred Rober De Niro in the psychotic role created by Rober Mitchum? A: Cape Fear Q: What movie did Frank DeCaro describe as "a three-hour epic about returning bad jewelry"? A: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Q: Who "reinvented the gods before our very eyes," according to Ray Manzerek's tell-all "Light My Fire"? A: Jim Morrison Q; What failed to occur in an NHL game for the first time in 20 years, when the Red Wings played the Avalanche in 2000? A: A penatly
  • what was the name of Elvis's twin? Jessie Garon where is he buried? Graceland
  • Q. How many homers did Willie Mays hit in his career? A. 660 Q. What musical featured "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"? A. "Meet Me in St. Louis" Q. What is the birthplace of Arnold Schwartzenegger? A. Graz, Austria Q, Who is the last president who didn't graduate from college? A. Harry S Truman Q. What linebacker's tackle broke the leg of Washington Redskins' QB Joe Theisman? A. Lawrence Taylor, NY Giants Q. What were the names of the gangs in "West Side Story"? A. The Jets and the Sharks Q. What election was being conducted in New York City on 9/11/2001? A. Mayoral Primary Election
  • What type of bar is it? 1. What is Biggie's real name? 2. Where is the Sugar Hill Gang from? 3. What was Denzel Washington's character's name in "Training Day"? 4. What year did "The Christmas Story" come out?
  • Bump. LOL
  • In Star Wars(A New Hope)what is the designation of the stormtrooper that is lured into the Millennium Falcon when he's supposed to be guarding the base of the ramp. The guy in the control tower says"_____Why aren't you at your post?" I'll give ya the answer in exchange for points! Ha,...Pirate!
  • What did one of the Guinness Book's fattest men die of? (He was 1069 pounds, I forget his name). Malnutrition. Depressed at the death of a super-fat friend, he stopped eating, lost over 300 pounds and died because he failed to replenish his electrolytes.
  • 1. Who lives in Rideau Hall in Canada? The Governor General. 2. What company is the largest distributor of toys in the world? McDonald's 3. How many toilets are there in the White House? 32 4. What runs from aft to fore on the port side of a cruise ship, but from fore to aft on the starboard side of a cruise ship? The ship name. 5. What are the capitals of South Africa? Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontain? 6. In Canada, what is a double-double? Coffee with two cream and two sugar. 7. In South Africa, what is commonly called a "robot"? A traffic light. 8. What Animal has the highest blood pressure of all animals? The giraffe. 9. What colour are a zebra's stripe when it is born? Brown and white. 10. Who invented the toilet? Thomas Crapper 11. Why are police in Britain known as Bobbies? After Sir Robert Peel, the inventor of the modern police force. 12. What three countries have not converted to the metric system? USA, Myanmar and Liberia 13. How many points are there on the maple leaf on the Canadian flag? 11 14. How many triangles are there on the Star of David on the Israeli flag? 8, the two that form the star and the 6 created in the white space. 15. Where was denim invented? France 16. Where is the lowest place on earth? The dead sea. 17. What letters were originally skipped on the telephone dial? Q and Z. 18. How many time zones are there in the Continental USA? 4. 19. How many squares are there on a chess board? 64. 20. How many colours are there on the Gay flag? 6.
  • Here's one I made up that I think is cool: Spelling any number, what are the only two letters you never use? correct answers are J and K congrats on the new job :)
  • why did the orange stopped in th middle of the road? answer:it ran out of juice.
  • What was the plane's name in the old TV series "SkyKing"? A. Songbird What was the name of the dog in "Spanky and the Gang"? A. Peatie What was the name of the jeep in the old TV series Roy Rogers? A. Betsie What was the name of the mule in the old TV series Roy Rogers? a. Worthless
  • Q: What football team in the NFL has won 5 super bowls without losing anything? A: Sanfransisco 49ers Keep asking about drinks, sports, and girls since you are at a bar.( Most things mentioned) Greenbean
  • Hi maybe you can find answer on my fave conquiztador trivia site. There are a lot of trivias for you there..too many to mention here haha.. Kudos! ________________ I challenge you to a game of trivia! Click here to battle against me online at ConQUIZtador. Let's see who's the winner...

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