• The witch would be the strongest. They're pretty tough!
  • That depend on whether you want more tylenol in your pills. The Watson 540 is Lorcet 10mg with 500mg of tylenol in it. The Watson 853 is Lorcet 10mg with 325mg of tylenol in it. If I had to choose, take the Watson 540 for better pain management.
  • The watson 540 is a bluish oblonged shaped pill. It contain 10mg of hydrocodon and 500mg of acetaminophen. The watson 853 is yellowish oblonged shaped pill. It contains 10mg of hydrocodon and 325mg of aacetaminophen. Personaly i like the blue watson 540's better. They are stronger because of the amount of acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is used as pain releaver enhancer. The more acetaminophen the stronger the pill. On the other hand the yellow watson 853's are better for you liver, because of lower amount of acetaminophen in.
  • what is watson used for and which is stronger 853 or 540
  • If your looking for better pain reliefe, than the 540 is better. But if your looking to feel like a man, then take a bunch of the 853, then smoke some marijuana and relax and chill and watch a movie. Then take a nice relaxing nap and it call it a day.
  • i love 853 its even a higher number i even feel higher so how can u abstrat the asprin but the blues 540 are ok better than with drawlig
  • I personally Think that either of them are better than those pussy 500's they give you at the ER. Man.. all i know.. is if I look at the baggie my drug dealer gives me.. and they is any color.. blue + yellow.. whatever.. I get a massive hard-on and take like 6 and chill.. then yell at my mom!!

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