• The 'Command' key is Mac Only. You won't find it on a PC. PC equivalents are the Ctrl and Alt keys.
  • The COMMAND key on a Macintosh keyboard is usually found next to the space bar. Since is a CTRL key on the Macintosh keyboard, it is not the same as a Windows CTRL or ALT key.
  • The Command key is the one with the apple on it. It also has a funky symbol that looks like an italicized box with overachieving corner decorations. Most people call it the apple key. Some call it the command key. Few people call it the italic-box-with-loopy-corners key.
  • u shouldn't even be near a pc if ur asking a stupid question like that......... geez it's 2006 catch up already
  • wat the first gut said only on mac
  • The command-key is next to the any-key.

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