• Proceed to the veil. When a woman goes through the temple ceremony for her own endowments, she is presented, like all other patrons, at the veil of the temple. She "proceeds to the veil" as part of the ceremony. This veil represents the separation between earthly life and eternal life in the celestial kingdom of Mormonism. If her husband is there, he is the one who takes her through the veil and into the celestial kingdom. She must give him her secret temple name in order to obtain entrance, and then he leads her through (the veil) after the ceremony is complete. It is explained to them that this represents the husband calling his wife forth from her grave in the resurrection. Women have to give their secret temple name through the veil because in the hereafter only the men can call them through to heaven. This is the explanation given to most women who go through the ceremony. In this ceremony, each husband escorts his wife through a veil, calling her by a new temple name. The woman's salvation depends upon her husband's priesthood authority. Please remember that Mormons themselves hold these rituals as sacred and will not speak about them. If they do there is a penalty and Mormons will tell you it is breaking a vow to God. Taken in part from the net.

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