• My Grandmother pronounced them differently. Kirsche was pronounced "kirshe". Kirche was pronounced with the German ch (like in the word achtung). But I'm sure it depends on where it is spoken in Germany.
  • Yes. You can hear the "s" in kirsche. "Kirche" is more like "KEER-huh" and "Kirsche" is "KEER-shuh."
  • If you go to Hessen, both will be pronounced like Kirshe. In Bavaria, they make a distinction between the sch and ch, but they will say the i like an ü. In other Bundesländer, the i sounds like a clear ee in English. In standard German, Kirche and Kirsche are also different from each other. Don't ask me how the correct standard pronunciation is, I speak my dialect and I am proud of that.
  • No not at all. For a foreigner it is complety unimportant.

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