• Yes. I agree. Just stop making questions on them. You're egging them on and encouraging them >.<
  • Aye..tis the catch 22.
  • Thats most likely the case.
  • yes I do think so but it is hard to sit by and not say something at some point......but you are right
  • no question. the excitement of arguing with people that cant do anything about it is alluring to some folks. I like a little heated debate myself, but I would never resort to name calling. At best i would tell someone that we agree to disagree.
  • In a way, yes.
  • Yes I agree. But it doesn't mean we should completely ignore them altogether. What we can do is stop replying to them, while at the same time monitoring their activities, and reporting any mischief via feedback.
  • I thought this was a site to help people ... Yet, here we sit judging again, Sorry, but it bothers the h^ll out of me, and no I don't think it's feeding their behavior, because by ignoring it ... Your saying it's not just o.k, but are actually supporting it, in my opinion... Hiding from it won't change anything.
  • Absolutely! Bullies do what they do to impress others. If there is no reaction, they move on.
  • Yes. But if it's a personal attack on where I came from or who I am.. I can't help but stand up for myself and leave them stuttering and stupid.. that happens a lot more often than not.
  • ABsolutely.
  • To a degree.... but I act like I do in real life and just ignore it totally. You dont want to encourage that kind of behavior so I dont even bother to acknowledge it in the first place. Cant bother me if I dont allow it. Besides, by reacting you are giving them exactly what they want. Why give someone the satisfaction of knowing something like that bothered you?

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