• scene it is the best game ever...get movies, music, espn, disney, marvel...whatever you're most interested in. You won't be dissappointed! I promise!
  • If you like board games, I was always a fan of RISK. Its not the same online.
  • Mad Gab is a hoot. We got it for Christmas.
  • I've always been fond of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. Tons O' fun!
  • i would suggest a card game, any kind of poker you want. use something fun as chips, such as M&M's =] ---NOTE--- keep the room cool... if its warm and toasty.. it will get messy >.<
  • Apples to Apples! I have never seen a game that a wider variety of people enjoy -- when my church gets together, people of all age ranges play, and it's so much fun. My students (even the too-cool-for-school crowd) talk about enjoying it as well.
  • Trivia pursuit...with teams. With teams, everyone can play and even those who never have an answer, like Grandpop, he still feels like he's part of the team and the game. Make him happy...especially when "he" wins.
  • Elfenland, Dogville, Ticket to Ride and Scattergories... oh and definately cant go past Cranium for a laugh!
  • Scrabble is a favorite here too. ALso, Life, Clue, Battleship. We have this game called Life on the Farm that I like and a Nascar board game too. I must say I do like Monopoly too, but I always seem to lose! ha
  • Cranium is a fun game!! It has trivia, charades, drawing, sculpting, unscrambling words... and so much more. The variety makes it fun and exciting. A fun card game is ROOK. No money involved, but it does include a form of bidding. Loaded Questions is also fine, kind of the same idea as Balderdash, if you've ever played it, except you're answering personal (but not too) questions and one person at a time has to try figure out who answered what.
  • the game of life. its the best game ever... scatagories is a good one too. as well as yatzhee.

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