• Good? Like...roomy good, or cozy good...or do you mean you want a "good amount" of square feet as a synonym for "a lot" Or do you mean good amount as opposed to bad amount, examples of which would be 666 sq ft. 1313 sq ft...etc. I'm actually just pretty confused.
  • I had a 1 bedroom that was 550 sq. ft and I couldn't move. A 1 bedroom should be at least 900 sq ft. 2 bedrooms should be no less than 1100.
  • It depends on your needs, but probably at least 1,000 square feet. My husband, daughter, and I lived in a two bedroom, 800 square foot apartment. We could get by, but it was as comfortable as I'd like.
  • For 2 Bhk apartment i think 857 -1075 Square feet is a comfortable area to move around and to stay

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