• It's probably not something you yourself can fix. Id suggest checking the warranty to see if your PSP is still covered or not and if it is try to see if Sony will switch it for a new one. Otherwise, if it gets real bad, you should probably just buy a new one.
  • you should probably contact sony, but first see if it is stuck down. use a toothpick to lift it up while you play and see if it does it like it normally would.
  • the same thing happens to me when i try to use the internet browser or play a game the button isnt stuck i dont think! and it use to keep poppin up and going away real fast when i played a song on there and it dont do that anymore but it just pops up when i try to use the internet browser and it dont blink off and on anymore now it just stays on there
  • dude is your psp prone to being wet? im quite sure its short circuit coz the home button is prone to being wet, see sooner or later it will affect other keys.. try to open ur psp and try to clean the circuitry
  • well, sometimes condensation can sause shorts like that. try finding a bag of silica gel, like that come with new shoes, and put that in a ziploc with the psp overnight. that will clear up and moisture.
  • I had the identical problem and stripped the PSP down before finally realising that it's not the Home button at fault. The laser is losing read of the UMD (the same message would come up if you opened the disk cover during play). GENTLY wipe off the lens of the laser with a dry cloth. This will either clean a bit of dust off of the lens or because you push the lens up and down gently as you wipe it, the lens may be re-aligning itself. Either way this took 30 seconds and worked great.

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