• Only when I ask for it. It might take some time to arrive, but things work out.
  • Yes I do. I believe in it because it happens to me everyday.
  • No i don't because i don't believe in a divinity.
  • No If God has some kind of divine plan then why would he need to intervene on it? Divine intervention suggests that mortal man can change events in Gods plan. So if God is GOD then that would be imposible wouldnt it? No divine, no divine intervention. Making everything luck and chance.
  • You only just have to realise it's presence. And it's there already...
    • Roaring
      Your answer resonates best with my experience.
    • Roaring
      As part of the one life, yes.
  • As part of the one life, yes. Not believe but know. Once i heard my name being spoken while watching a toddler and a niece and nephew on the seat swing.I was daydreaming looking out toward the trees and after hearing my name, looked toward the house then to the seat-swing about to cross paths with the toddlers head(exposed metal tubing) which I stopped 3 inches from his head. I'm comfortable calling it divine intervention. for sure it was something greater than the unaware daydreamer getting my attention in advance which avoided an injury to the toddler. Im ok calling it a spirit guide. There seems to be a oneness that has us always connected in some way.
  • I believe in Godly intervention and Godly Appointment and Godly Justice.

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