• Yeah, and they also know how many lives they have saved.
  • And how many they are still protecting
  • I proudly wear USAF baseball caps and various others items supporting our Armed Forces. There's a BIG difference between murder and war for the survival of your nation. And in case you haven't noticed we're the only combatants who are trying in any way see that our troops abide by the Geneva Convention as several courts martials has shown. The terrorists surely don't give a damn who they kill but Service People have and are dying trying to avoid innocent casualties when they could just blast everyone and be done with it. It's just a shame that you can't serve a little time along side them and maybe you'd get a fresh perspective. I'm not a flag-waver or armchair patriot but just the question you ask shows that, you really don't know much about the USAF or our US Military in general.
    • Glenn Blaylock
      Hear, hear.
  • Why do you specifically cite the Air Force? That's an organization setup to do the will of the government. Yes, it takes a heap and leap of rationalization to justify bombing some people scraping by 12,000 miles for DEFENSE...but it's the ones ordering and precipitating those cruel actions that you should blame, not the individual soldier, even if they are the only ones splattered with the blood directly. The real problem is nationalism. It's the flag, the government it represents....and the forces behind that.
  • They have not killed enough of the enemy. Where do you live?
  • Doubt their wearing such logos kills anyone.
  • 2-17-2017 I have not seen anyone wearing USAF logos, and if I did I would think they are slightly bonkers. The Air Force builds losers. I spent four years in the Air Force and we called the experience "shot at and missed, shit at and hit." The difference between Air Force and Boy Scouts is that Scouts have professional leadership. There is nothing there to brag about.
  • Actually, depending on the mission, killing people is the goal. But if you really wanted to kill people, join the Marines, not the Chair Force.

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