• has many video converters. Simply pick your operating system and type "video converter" in the search box. For a straight forward and simple task like converting file types, I find freeware converters are smaller and impact performance less than the bulky shareware applications. Plus, they are free. If you want more feature risk software, try the shareware. If you find software you like, buy it to get all the features unlocked for good. (Most shareware at this site will be trial software that expires or will have very limited functionality if not registered.) Always be careful when downloading software. Software downloads are the perfect place for phishing, spyware and adware that steal your personal data and kill performance. I use McAfee SiteAdvisor, which is free and rates tons of web sites on how "clean" they are from malware.
  • yes i think the only way to do it is by converting dvd to wmv or mp4 then use another program to convert to smv its a pain but it works

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