• STR should be somewhat around 150~255 depending on your opponent -- for leveling, 255 would be best. but 255 str would be useless if your dex is only 150, since some people might be able to avoid physical attack, one aspect of soul breaker. INT should be somewhat 150~255, depending on your opponent, for leveling, 200 is fine. but in PVP, i suppose it should be your main stat, unless that guy who you want to hit with soul breaker is wearing a GTB-carded shield. this doesn't miss normally, but i think a GTB nullifies this. DeX make sure this is at least 150 - for no cast. but sometimes, some people can evade the STR part of your breaker (yes, it misses! that's why sometimes your breaker goes significantly lower than it would normally do, or suddenly it becomes reeally strong) VIT has to be around 100+ since you won't live on items alone, xileRO has this heal-item anti spam thing to keep us from using pots all the time.

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