• I keep my oatmeal cream pies in a kitchen cabinet, but no matter what, it is always being found.
  • I only did that when I was on a diet , And I made sure there was plenty of other things for them + 5
  • Nope, my mom and I both buy food at home and we share everything.
  • yes and no. i'm on a diet, so my brother and my friend pretty much know not to eat my diet food, but if they ask, i'll usually let them eat it. also, if i buy something very specific for me that is expensive [like tab energy drinks or jones soda], i label them with a permanent marker and get pissed when someone refuses to READ.
  • Not really, there are not restrictions of that kind at my home. What we do is try to keep certain snacks hidden from view of our kid, otherwise he would stuff himself on those and not leave "space" for dinner.
  • No, I only live with my boyfriend so there's no need. But in a house with alot of people- you sortof have to. If you buy something for work specifically or are on a diet, or are saving something to make for a family dinner. Sometimes you have to set guidelines. I have seen families take it too far. They had to ask about EVERYTHING. That just seems like a prizon to me.
  • Yes because I even though I live with my folks I support myself. I pay rent, I buy my own groceries, I pay for my own gas, transportation, I cook my own food and etc. Plus I'm working out, training, trying to get fit and lose weight so I buy certain foods and it pisses me off that someone will eat it. Now everyone has learned not to touch the stuff they know my mom rarely buys because more than likely it's stuff I buy.
  • I dont but my boss said she wont let her kids eat candy but she does so i know someone who is like that but not me whats mine is yours and whats yours i already ate hehehe
  • Yeah, we do. The kids are supposed to stay away from Daddy's Mountain Dew!
  • yes. everything that isn't tuna or hard cat food, is mine! although, if you ask nicely, i'll give you a drink. :)
  • My mother sometimes says certain things are hers. Like she bought cookies or a flavor yogurt that are "hers" since it's the kind she likes. Though sometime's she'll share.
  • Nope. It's just my boyfriend and I in my home, so there really is no need.
  • No if you find it first is yours hahah just kidding but no we don't have designations you can eat anything from the kitchen.
  • It was like that when I as a kid growing up not all that wealthy, in a big family. You didn't see things like Soda or snacks....if it was in the fridge it would be gone fast. If someone bought something for themselves they would need an armed guard to protect it through the night. Not now, with my family. We have an abundance of everything (and a smaller gang).
  • For the most part, no. But there are occasions when one of us buys or makes something and wants it, so we tell the other that it is 'hands off'.
  • No, not really. Although if my boyfriend's sister buys something I'll usually leave it alone unless she's announced that it's for everyone. Anything I buy is fair game for everyone. (Funny how that works... if she buys it, it's hers. If I buy it, it's everyones... hmmm... maybe I should get the black marker out...)
  • Sort of... My food is for all of us. My oldest daughter brings in some of her own food that she doesn't like us to eat. My youngest daughter brings home food from her dad's house sometimes, that is for her and her sister.
  • Hell no My family doesn't give a shit
  • my sister used to make distinctions between her food and everyone else's. it was really annoying, and just made her seem selfish. i have no problem sharing food and i prefer that food in the fridge be available to everyone, unless it is something really special that is being saved for some reason.
  • sometimes, like i'll buy the kids treats of their choice and more plus yogurts but i love trifles and will buy a 3 pack of them for myself and daddy has his own tirimisu so we all have our own treats and share between us too. The kids always have WAY more treats though!!!
  • In our home everything is household. If it looks like something special then you don't eat it unless you brought it or atleast until asking around. When living at school in a shared apartment, Its common courtesy not to eat it unless you bought it. Usually if it's community property the person will make an say "well I bought some___ if anyone wants some!" Or just ask if you need sonething from one another. Hope this helps, just how we usually do things in my circles!!
  • yes, as i am the only woman in the house, i am also the only one who has to obsess over every single calorie that goes in my body. My weight is THE most critical factor of my marriage. I cant eat like other people do. I have special foods that i use to stay alive. But its ok, most of the family wouldnt want to eat my egg whites or raw spinach anyway.
  • Absolutely not. Our food is not labelled.
  • Hay What's ever in that frig. it's anyone!!!
  • no its a free for all in my house,if anyone slips up its basically
  • We share pretty much everything. I don't buy much junk food, sometimes my daughter buys her own sweets and snacks, but she would have that herself.

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