• Funny uni I used to always "give way" (step off the sidewalk) when walking on the sidewalk and some group was using the same sidewalk walking side-by-side toward me. A classmate of mine one day mentioned that he really hated when such a group of people wouldn't make any attempt to give room to people walking the other way. It never bothered me before...but after he mentioned it, it stuck in my mind, and eventually got to the point where *I* was irritated by people who would make no effort at such simple and obvious courtesy. * The sidewalk is meant for people going both ways, and there's enough room to do so if you're single-file, so...have a little courtesy towards other people. *** Anyway: I've mostly gotten over it (it was decades ago that I was at Uni). At most it's only a very minor irritation now. But originally I literally didn't even notice...until he said something...

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