• They flew in in their 747 super jet aircraft! If you believe this, I have a bridge in Brookland I will sell you. They got here most likely by walking following the available food
  • The matter is still disputed. One hypothesis I find very...reasonable and (therefore) persuasive is that Ice Age fisher/hunters traveled along the glacier edge from Asia to North America while hunting. They could have migrated slowly Eastward over several generations (not needing any supposed Bering Land Bridge across the Bering Strait). It seems certain that humans appeared in North America during the last Ice Age, but it seems to me - based on admittedly rather weak evidence - that they were here much earlier (tens of thousands of years earlier) than is commonly accepted among relevant scientists. They could have first "crossed" 100,000 years ago, with nothing more than traditional Inuit-level technology (i.e. bone, skin, sinew, ice, ivory, stone).

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