• In my book neither one is qualified to be president. Biden is fast losing it and I just do not trust Trump. I would like to see new people running that are for this country not for themselves. So, no one won last evening mainly we the people lost!
  • Biden didn't win I think real loser is the American people
  • 6/29/2024, the Trump supporters on social media are saying Biden got beat badly, but when they are questioned, How did Biden lose the debate?, they are unable to give answers, other than, Biden stumbled in the beginning, and that his hoarse voice caused many viewers to turn up the television volume, which is true. I did not criticize Biden for stumbling at 81 years of age or his voice. On the contrary, CNN moderator Dana Bash kept asking Trump the same questions repeatedly to get him to answer them, specifically, if he’d accept the results of the election. A Biden moment when the subject of climate change was asked, Trumps says: "I want clean water and absolutely clean air. We had H20." Biden fired back at Trump: "Cleanest water? He ain’t done a darn thing for the environment.” LOL 😂

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