• Who will run for U.S. President
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      Good one, thanks for sharing!
  • ending up freezing cold in the dark due to no electricitry and gas, At the rate the current set of muppets are manageing the infrastructure here Ill see it happen .Sabertage of the coal fired power stations is happening now. The maintance contractors have been changed the new contractors have no tools or expierence running such plants. That is how pathetic Australia is we use the cheapest contractor to maintian important infrastructure. The muppets they gave the contract to arent Australian and have no expiecne what so ever maintianing conveyors at all. I Its not set to fail I dont know what is. Traitors is what the Goverment is a bunch of sell outs.
  • I am not afraid of the future because my God has made provision for me in Heaven. I will be removed with the rapture. All my love and faith are in the Lord Jesus Christ who will never fail me. If you have not made Jesus Christ your Saviour, you need to do so now or you will live in fear of the future. Just ask Jesus into your heart and truly mean it and you have begun the journey with Jesus Christ.
  • Paedophiles running the system, not being able to protect children from woke agenda, and their promotion of multilating perfectly healthy bodies. Whatever the next false flag will be. Loss of all our freedoms and bot being able to state the obvious because if the intolerance of political correctness gone mad.

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