• I got 4 or 5 doses of it with no side effects that I'm aware of. I never got covid and I have no regrets about taking the shots. 6/18/24
  • I never got the vaccine. The heck do I care if it works, as I'm not a guinea pig to be experimented on.
  • I got the vaccine twice for covid 19. My arm was a bit sore after it for a short while but it was no biggie as I did not cry or anything like that. There were no side effects. I don't think I really needed it but at the time it was like once people around me were getting the vaccine, that I would also need it as well. A few people who I know had covid and had to isolate from others for a while. They are fine now. The vaccine is designed to teach your body how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response, without using a live virus.
  • I never take vaccines.
  • I got a very mild case of covid.
  • Not had it, caught it last Christmas. Partner has a basal cell carcinoma at the injection site, we assumed it was a sore caused by the vaccine, needless to say he regrets it. Others I have spoken to have had diabetes diagnosed shortly after, and leg pain. We'll never know the extent of the side effects of these vaccines which were experimented on us, as they'll just pass it off. My GP was even concerned about the body having so many vaccines injected into us at such a short space of time, bearing in mind the flu and shingles jabs.
  • I got all four vacccines and I have never been healthier. thank god for Faucci. The problem I face is that people know vaccines work and they know this vaccine worked. They acknowledge that we needed the vaccine to survive as a human race yet we still have people who ask insidious questions like this, as if death is some kind of joke or as if we had an alternative. I don't get it. I think all you anti-vaxxers are sickos, in more ways that one.😄
    • 11stevo73
      Do you think vacinces are a majour part in creating homosexuals? As in giving female hormones to young boys. What are most vaccinces made from? Your generation was never exposed to that.
    • 11stevo73
      As for mRnA vacines did they do more damge than good? Eirther way you will be dead in the next 10 years. Leaving the young to continue. Selfish .

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