• And the IDF says: "Come out, come out wherever you are."
  • be fair: for the same reason that the Israeli Knesset doesn't troop into the Gaza Strip and say, "OK, Hamas, let's settle this conflict directly, once and for all, so that no more Israeli soldiers get killed." *** It's not a great analogy (by any means), but I think it makes a valid point. Hamas is (among other things) a political party that has been controlling the Gaza Strip for many years (ever since they literally wiped out all of the members of the legitimately-ruling Fatah party who resided in Gaza). Hamas isn't, as one might easily misconstrue, nothing more than a group of gun-toting terrorists. (In addition to that) they really do govern the region. Build and fund hospitals and schools and orphanages. Deliver humanitarian aid. Etc. That is: the group has both a military side and a political side. *** But they also have a long history of hiding among civilians while committing terrorist acts, and that...attitude is not going to change. Their own continued existence and grasp on power is - clearly - more important to them than the lives of Gaza civilians, and always has been.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! The Israeli soldiers are on land waiting for Hamas soldiers to come out of their rat holes. You can see the IDF has no intention to kill Palestinian civilians, but to destroy Hamas once and for all as I asked.
  • Theres 2 wars happening war 1 IDF kill innocent civillians, War 2 the rats ambush the IDF from their rat holes, they are doing damage.they have nothing to lose and will never stop , If they killed your family would you stop until you are dead I wouldn't. Is why there will be war there until onside wipes out the other.

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