• Because the US only had 30 states at the time. Anyway, Mexico didn't want to become a state & we were a democracy who didn't force them to join. Texas was only added as a state in 1845. They wanted Texas back & Texas declared themselves a sovereign country who chose to become part of the US & Mexico didn't want to join with them. BTW, we didn't get up to 50 states until 1959 when Alaska & Hawaii joined us.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Do you know you are an average user with 0 questions and 500+ answers to call me out in a verbal fight? Your words will be used against you, so "anyway," I welcome your argument. To begin this debate, making Mexico the 51st state is not to be taken literally, but in the OVERALL states of the US. The US had the opportunity to annex Mexico. In other words, (Mexico would have been another US state). Quote: "Mexico didn't want to become a state" It does not matter what Mexico wanted. They lost the war and "BTW," the US had the option to further expand the country or not???
  • I don't think the US wanted to risk annexing the entire country of Mexico. They would have had millions of enemies to deal with, because Mexico was far more heavily populated than her colonies were in the north. The culture was Spanish Catholic, and the risk outweighed the benefits. The US was far more interested in exploring and occupying the territories north of the Rio Grande. IMHO. 3/27/24
  • There was a movement to annex Mexico into the USA but it didn't happen. I believe it is good it didn't happen as the ideals of the two countries is too different. I am currently reading the book, Eagles and Empires which is the history of the war. Polk was a blundering idiot in that war.

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