• It's only disrespect if the person takes it to heart, you can't disrespect someone who places no weight in what someone else says about them. The only person you can control is you. All this black against white, Palestinian against Jew, Russian against Westerner, its all a game, to get you making war with each other, look up the Hegalian dialect, when the real problem is the people manipulating with these black and white arguments are using it for their own means, the whole time THEY have your focus on each other, you're not looking at THEM. If you really want self control, don't have any buttons for others to push, let go of your attachment to meaningless labels, that reducing the emotional reaction, and maintains calm within, while being able to see the bigger picture.
    • Creamcrackered
      Stoicism might help. Also understanding the psychopathic mindset, they have no emotions to provoke, and see life as a game of chess, but they are still not free, only hidden in the chaos they create, imagine being able to manipulate people with emotion, seeing them all go crazy and outraged, while they sit laughing. (Puppet masters)This is how we appear to them. "You stepped on MY FEELING, because I'm attached to that label or that idea about myself and others." Self Awareness is, and will always be, your greatest tool, it will lead to places far greater than how you see things currently, learning about yourself through observation only, not judgement or need to control will be the most useful thing you will ever do,it will set you free of all fear. Meditate learn to watch emotion flow and ebb without attachment, same as thoughts, and sensations. Just watch don't seek to change.
    • Creamcrackered
      As a child you learned behaviour (reaction) when faced with abuse be it emotionally, psychologically or physically, your response would be fight, flight, freeze, or fawn (people pleasing). Most children unable to run will freeze or fawn. However, when a child is severely abused or neglected, the self is abandoned, and they identify with the parents (superego), they become the abuser, and fawner, or mainly the abuser. Cut from from any self identity, they swing between egotistical abuser or mortification,no one likes mortification so they try to remain in abuser mode (narcissist both whether mainly egotistical or covert, or sadist. Psychopaths are born. Another way a narcissist can be created is by being given no boundaries or self discipline. Abusers usually gravitate towards codependents (fawners) because they can avoid mortification and control the codependent emotionally. Figure out your main responses it will help in self awareness and learning about yourself and others, otherwise your set to keep repeating the same mistakes. It is better to be still, than reactionary, stillness allows space to watch ourselves and others, so be considered as to whether to respond or not.
  • Think before you speak is a really good habit to develop. Words have the power to cause hurt and pain. Sometimes they inflict far more damage than a stick or a stone.
  • They are cowards who want to start crap. They say it purposefully in order to show disrespect & then feign ignorance when caught!!!
    • Shadow Of The Mind

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