• Is your friend sexist for asking you to listen to a more gender-diverse group of singers? By any definition or logic... no. But that doesn't mean you need to like what you don't like.
  • I don't see it as sexist!!! It's just that the 2 of you have different taste in music. I definitely would NOT change my taste in music just because he doesn't approve. As a female, I prefer male singers; however, I still listen to some females every now & then & enjoy them. I do find it rude of him to dis the music you choose to listen to in your own privacy. Have you thought of suggesting that he brings his own playlist & wireless headset so he can listen to what he prefers while you're listening to your preference???
  • Your friend is warped thinking you are sexist because you listen to more female than male singers.
  • You like what you like, simple as that, has nothing to do with sexism, that's just nonsense.
  • Music is the universal language that everyone speaks. 😄

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