• The love of Yahweh God lasts forever and ever. The love of people can very because of many factors in human life.
  • In some cases, there are romantic relationships that start out at love at first sight and lasts until their dying day. Love is not forever in a sense between a couple made for each other because one of them will go before the other eventually. The love inside the surviving partner will be with them until their time comes. Love can last for life within a person but life is not forever for a person. Some people confuse a lifetime as forever but they have different meanings.
  • It took me most of my life to find my soulmate. We were deeply in love. Sadly he died back in 2007. I still love him as passionately today as the day we first met. Love does NOT have to die just because the person does. Although many don't appreciate love when they find it, YES it can last forever!!!

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