• War is never necessary because it affects people’s lives in a negative way. Some people want a peaceful life but the peace they create can be interrupted by someone who wants war. Obviously the person who wants war has a problem and they are better off alone and should be avoided by anyone who wants peace in their life. There is no excuse for fighting. There is a lot of corruption in the world where people create problems such as war. There’s no need for it. Only problematic people take part in corruption.
  • International war: only to repel an invader/conqueror. Internal war: only to suppress an armed revolt. *** In other words: war is only justifiable when the reasons are purely defensive. *** And note: this is widely-recognized by modern politicians of almost all nations - which is why the aggressors inevitably claim self-defense as the primary reason for their aggression.
  • As someone who lives comfortably in a wealthy nation, my instinct is to say "no, never;" however, real life is much more nuanced than a paragraph AB answer, so I'd rather leave it as "no, never, except maybe half the time, yes."
  • Sometimes war is forced upon us by outside aggression, and we have no choice but to fight or die or become a conquered people, subject to the whims of the winners. 12/14/23
  • For those defending themselves from aggression or exploitation, war may be their only option. Because of circumstances aggression may also become necessary for some communities. Generally I think in history and in nature war most often occurs as a tragic inevitability. A good example is WWI: A single mans death triggered a diplomatic cascade of disasters that lead to many nations across the planet finding themselves already at odds with one another.due to their existing alliances and obligations. Sometimes there are people who wish to provoke wars behind the scenes making them more likely to happen often these are called "warmongers" or "warhawks," their antithesis are sometimes called "doves",. and of course those who are in the business of trading weapons have a vested interest in making wars. In the current eras since WWI, governments and societies have become more complex and population scaled up so much that it is difficult or impossible for one person to provoke or prevent a war between nations. Just like it is nearly impossible for one person to start one, its even more difficult for one person to stop a war. Many wars between nations have been provoked by other things like espionage,. sabotage, incursion, terrorism, economic disputes, historic territorial disputes, and cultural genocide. Once a war begins it is very difficult to predict its outcome and what scale of human society will be effected war becomes like the worst sort of bad weather. On smaller scales wars between people and animals happen every day and very much seems inevitable. Its plausible to assume there will always be a person or thing that believes violence is their favorite or unavoidable option. On that scale and in observing nature its reasonable to assume that perhaps war is natural. However as civilization progresses like so many other things I believe it is possible to create entirely conflict free human societies and also manage and control environments to restrain unhealthy conflicts in the natural world as well.
  • Does the ends justify the means

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