• Yes, the UN chief has vowed to go on seeking ceasefire, despite of US veto. Israel is not going to let up, unless they want to. There should be a resolution demanding the unconditional surrender of Hamas.
  • They don't need a cease-fire that Hamas will ignore anyway; they need to be discriminant about their targets.
  • They only want Israel to stop, Hamas can carry on. Business as usual with the UN. Why haven't they done that sort of thing with Russian aggression in Ukraine? 12/12/23
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      They did, and Russia, unsurprisingly, vetoed. The Security Council then took the resolution to the General Assembly, where it passed 141 to 5. The 5 nations that voted against the Russian invasion were: Russia, North Korea, Belarus, Syria, and Eritrea. The UN then passed another resolution against Russian annexation of Ukraine also with only 5 votes against, but, this time, Eritrea was swapped for Nicaragua.
    • dalcocono
      Ah then, thanks, I had not heard about any of that.
  • Yes, as I expected (and predicted) would happen. If "the primary political party" has a long history of engaging in terrorist acts, it really ought to be destructed. That isn't saying that Israel will succeed in doing so, or that the tactic they are using is the best tactic for doing so...but something ought to be done, and Hamas finally did something so outrageous internationally (not just from the point of view of Israel, but from the point of view of the international community at large) that Israel can finally do what they've wanted to do for years without international repercussions such as international sanctions. *** Again: I'm not saying that Israel is employing the best strategy, but if it was MY country being bombed and missiles shot at and other terrorist acts committed on a daily basis by a neighboring government, I would sure want my government to do away with that other government, to ensure the safety of my fellow citizens.
  • The US knows that Hamas will rearm if there is a cease fire.

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