• Probably
  • Yes, you should study all of them before deciding one is true.
  • Well...frankly: that seems sort of odd. What person wakes up one morning and says, "Gosh, I think I need to join a religion. Let's take a loot at what's available." ??? (It reminds me of the cop from The Thin Blue Line who did something wrong, and wanted to be punished for it, but not as much as the Catholics did, and not as little as the Anglicans did, and so he asked an ethnic Arab officer if Islam was somewhere in between.) If someone DOES do that, then of course they should learn about other religions. *** That being said: IMO there can be only advantage to a person who *is* religious and who wants to learn other religions. Learning other religions can open your eyes to your own - for good or bad, but in any case: it *can* be enlightening, and "enlightening" is good.

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