• Sunbathing naked.
    • Linda Joy
      lol To each their own. But now I gotta ask do you put sunscreen on your penis when you do that?
    • Professor Yaffle
      I use sunscreen from head to foot.
  • Powwows and gatherings. Getting together with people I see only a couple times a year. Taking the grandkids into the mountains and showing them them the stuff we used to live and thrive in our environment. Fishing, as long as the stream banks aren't too steep and rocky. Old knees don't work as well as they used to. 7/1/23
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! I bet the kids don't find that as fascinating as I would! Too bad kids take things like that for granted. But the memories you are making are priceless!!
    • dalcocono
      You're right. Some of them now have phones and that absorbs their interests for the most part. They were interested when they were younger, just like their younger cousins are interested still. Hopefully they'll remember their youth with "Ah'nesh" (grandpa) and pass it on down in their own turns.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe they are just texting their friends what a wonderful time they're having... or not.
    • dalcocono
      Lol, yup, maybe so.
  • The return of Winter and tolerable temperatures...
    • Linda Joy
      Where do you live? Do you not have air conditioning? I remember when my grandson and I would walk about a mile to the library and stay all day with a picnic lunch in the park behind the library because it was air conditioned and I had to pay my own power bill back then. I wasn't poor enough to get section 8 housing.
      I have air conditioning...but my job often has me outside or in an attic. It's pretty lovely inside in the Summer, but literally dangerous for me (because of my age and weight and possibly also because I'm originally a Yankee) outside.
  • The warm weather
    • Linda Joy
      Where do you live?
  • Long Hot days cooking BBQ's outside drinking ice cold beer. wearing only shorts and thongs.
    • Professor Yaffle
      For the benefit of non-Australian speakers, thongs are footwear ("flip-flops" in UK) not what you're imagining!
    • 11stevo73
      I didn't think of that . Cheers professor
    • dalcocono
      When I was a kid in CA a long time ago, we called those "flip-flops" thongs too.
    • Linda Joy
      I understood him to mean footwear. We called them flip flops, too. Sliders is a more recent term I learned, but I think that applies to the ones with a strap across the top and not the ones with the irritating thing between the toes.
  • On those sunny days in summer I look forward to having ice cream
    • Linda Joy
      Good idea! Favorite flavor?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Plain ice cream with the coloured sprinkles and a cone
  • Going to Blackpool.
    • Linda Joy
      What's that?
  • Looking forward to much more tolerable temperatures.
  • A vacation trip.

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