• I have never read the Quran and never will. I is not the words of Yahweh God.
  • I cant say I ever even seen a hard copy of the Quran therefore don't know any passagers Ive heard of a passage where Muhammad took a very young girl into his tent .As I hate peadophiles I'll say no more as the rant will begin.
  • I've not read it, read some quotes and have listened to some videos of Muslims speaking about how the Qur'an relates to today, and enjoyed those, whether I get round to reading it, remains to be seen. Have you read it Bostjan?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I've read an English translation, can't recall off hand who translated.
  • I've never read it either, but I can google some quotes: "Quick Quran quotes 1. “ Do not lose hope, nor be sad.” — ... 2. “ Call upon me, I will respond to you.” — ... 3. “ Indeed he does not like the proud.” — ... 4. “ Guide us to the straight path.” — ... 5. “ No one will reap except what they sow.” — ... 6. “ For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” — ... 7. “ ... 8. “ More items...•Jan 8, 2023 20 Quran Quotes from the Islamic Scripture - Everyday Power"
    • Linda Joy
      A lot of them are the same in Christian beliefs. I wanna know what yours is, too bostjan.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      A great deal of it is heavily influenced by the Bible. It's obviously more succinct and diverges on the more important points.
  • I wouldn't say favorite, but there is a passage to consider. Surah 19:19 clearly describes Jesus as the blameless one. Surah 19:19 "He responded, I am only a messenger from your Lord, sent to bless you with a pure son." Jesus is sinless, while Allah instructs Muhammad to ask forgiveness for his sin... Surat Muhammad 47:19 "So know, [O Muhammad], that there is no deity except Allah and ask forgiveness for your sin and for the believing men and believing women. And Allah knows of your movement and your resting place."
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Jesus is mostly the same in the Quran, born of a virgin, Holy, with disciples, but the glaring difference is that Jesus in the Quran never died.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      That's because Jesus in the Quran is sinless and Eternal. :)

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