• It makes me feel like the users on this site are getting less and less interactive.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
  • Like nothing. I'll just keep asking more questions.
  • A lot of the time Shadow it's either because the topic doesn't interest or concern them, or it's bumped by older posts so isn't seen.
  • It makes me happy as in half of these stupid people wouldn't know what day of the week it is, so how could they answer a question that might require some intelegence? Of course its nothing to do with they don't like me so they wont answer my question I like the first reason better.
  • It makes me feel like maybe I should stop asking the same stupid ass questions concerning only myself and my feelings and my questions. Oh no, wait... THAT'S YOU! Maybe if you stopped asking why other people don't behave as you dictate - basically complaining they're not paying attention to you and your questions and doing what you think THEY SHOULD DO.... Frankly I'm sick of you complaining because EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you ask doesn't get an answer. This is at least the third time you've done so and I'm going to start reporting them as duplicates if you don't stop! IM BEGGING YOU TO QUIT WHINING! You're a grown man, for crying out loud! DEAL WITH IT.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I do not ask stupid questions. That’s just what you think. Nobody else says my questions are stupid. You don’t know me therefore you don’t understand me. I think about other people’s feelings and not just my own. I do not dictate how others should behave because I’m not a control freak therefore you are wrong about that. Again, you get the wrong idea about me. You are the only Answerbag user to say these things about me because of whichever way you interpret people which is often wrong. You are fond of trying to argue which you don’t realise. You can be sick of me all you want. That’s just how you personally feel and nobody else on here says things like you do which makes you alone with that. I do not duplicate questions so it would not make sense to report them. It’s just you that has a problem with me and nobody else because they don’t say things to me like you would with your misunderstandings. Your perception of words is often wrong.
  • I rarely ask Qs. I only answer Qs.

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