• Its represented on tv as liquid in a drum... in some cases. I was never concerned with visualizing it. Once it gets you it doesn't matter. I was more concerned with visualizing and recognizing the symptoms of poisoning and any practical care that should be given. I guess I always thought of it as invisible, like X-rays. Thanks for writing a question that made me think! Please write more!!
    • Linda Joy
      For what its worth, I was never in to or good at visualizing what is written in a book either. I was always just frustrated they didn't get to the action or the point.
  • In The Simpsons cartoons that are filled with conspiracies, they've got glowing green uranium rods. Toxic waste is likewise often painted as green.
  • in 44 gallon drums a freind of mine signed up for the ADF he spent most of his time moving said drums of waste under ground with a forklift. The fun is yet to begin with the amount of waste we agreed to take back. Just another reason I hate John Howard when a truck load of waste is spilled all over the highway it wont be in some frogs backyard will it. When it leaches into the ground water and everything dies and people get sick we'll see what happens then.
  • If I were drawing a picture of nuclear waste I would use lots of squigly lines.😊😊😊😊😊

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