• No , I never knew that .
    • Linda Joy
      rubbing alcohol has an expiry date of some sort. I didn't know till covid hit and my son was driving truck and they used a lot of sanitizer. I learned you can use alcohol to make sanitizers of various kinds. Then is when my son pointed out it had expired long ago. Now I mostly use coconut oil. I have psoriasis and alcohol based products irritate my skin.
  • i ve noticed the used by date on them if you were bleeding and an out of date bandage was all there was would you care? The majourity of first aid kits Ive ever brought have been thrown away out of date. I was safety officer once every 3 months I was suposed to check all first aid kits ect.
  • It's not just the adhesive, but the packaging. If the seal deteriorates on the individual wrap keeping the bandage sterile, the bandage could potentially risk causing more harm than good if used.

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