• Edit your question by clicking the orange pencil icon then save it with the red icon. I don't see why anyone would be offended. People make fun of the way I talk and I join them in making fun! Just apologize for hurting his feelings and don't talk about people behind their backs. If he can't get over it that's on him.
    • Lukeyluke2020
      Well the problem is I am not going to tell him who is talking about him behind his back. He told me that if that was the case he didn't understand why he brought it up to me in the first place. He said it wasn't constructive and I am protecting someone over him and I was his best friend
  • Lots of Canadians take it personally when people laugh aboat the way they talk. You don't wanna throw your friendship down the garburator , or, worse yet, lose your job and end up in the pogey, all over somethin your coulda hashed out by sharing a two-four of Molson, eh?
    • Lukeyluke2020
      According to him the problem isn't that they were making fun of him for being Canadian the problem is I am not planning on telling him who was talking about him behind his back on the first place? He mentioned that is the case why tell me anything at all? He send me telling him what happened isn't constructive

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