• Yes. They taste good. They are supposed to contain a better nutrient balance than just beans. They are easy to sprout yourself. They don't keep, though- you can't really dry them and they don't keep their texture canned.
    • Linda Joy
      I only recently found mung beans. I soaked 1/4 cup, ate some and let the rest grow and ended up with two 32 oz. jars of sprouts!! And they're still growing! They don't keep, which is why I got the beans to sprout myself so I could only make a few at a time. I think next time I'll start with a tablespoon of beans! I sprouted chia seeds, too but I don't like them as much. Don't know why but I was surprised to find wheat berries and sprouting seeds online at WalMart. What seeds do you sprout?
    • bostjan64
      Mung beans are probably the best. I've also done lentils and chickpeas a few times. I never tried sprouting chia seeds, but I like eating them as a snack with a little bit of oil and pepper. I used to be on a kick of different beans with different grains, and sprouting the beans added a lot more variety. I usually only let them get about 3/4" to 1" long before eating them.
  • I do eat them. I like Asian food, and some of their cuisines use sprouts extensively. I don't really know much about their nutrition profile though, other than they contribute fiber to the diet. I don't grow them or buy them other than at restaurants. 5/7/23
    • Linda Joy
      Like bostjan said they are easy to grow. And they are very healthful.
    • dalcocono
      I only want them when I see something interesting on a menu using them. Growing them would require a commitment to eating them much more often than I'd like. Nobody else in the house likes them, so it would just become a waste of time for me.

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