• the planet will continue just fine with out us. Once we have totally destroyed this planet what will we do? At what point will we understand we can't eat or drink money?
    • Linda Joy
      I'll die before that happens. Its up to gen xyz etc. to worry about that. We gave them sliced bread, we didn't tell them to cover the world with trash! What do you want us to do, bring back the "crying indian?" No water on this earth is any fresher than any other water. Only cleaner. All the water on the earth has been here since the beginning. Are you protesting against Coca Cola and Nestea now? Or your favorite beer company? Do you think they misappropriate water for money? How many will stop buying these brands and switch to other brands? Where do you get your water? I have a filtered reservoir I put tap water in. I get the filters from Aldi, but I don't change them like I should. Oh well, I'd look silly dying of nothing... And I don't have any money to drink, so I'll stick with water. And when this granny wants to live dangerously I'll drink it straight from the tap!
    • 11stevo73
      I give none of those pos companys any of my money.
  • It is the reason the planet was created. But I think it would continue just fine without us.
  • We will never know the answer to that! But we do know that the planet existed just fine before we were here and we have no reason to believe that the planet would cease to exist if the last of us left. ...unless for some reason we actively did something to ruin it, like unbridled nuclear war or something worse.
  • The same as all species, humans are equally as important. Humans are of use for Earth in some way or other even though there is corruption and ignorance in humanity. That said, except for those who are truly evil and a danger to others around them and to the Earth.
  • If we all disappeared tomorrow, earth would continue. Earth would begin to recover from the damage humans have inflicted over the centuries. 5/4/23

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