• In case you can't see the description: Last week I got a burger maker thing from the dollar store to make bean burgers with. I looked up a recipe for mushroom burgers and found one. The other two were beef burgers with mushrooms. But I saw one for bbq mushrooms used like pulled pork bbq. What do you think? Do you have any experience in this area? I'm air frying my older mushrooms now to use them up. I stuck two boxes in the freezer, but I'm thinking I should air fry them first to dehydrate them a little. I put my habaneros in the toaster oven and they did well. I may pulverize them into habanero powder. If you all are having trouble seeing the text because its covered by the ab crap just copy and paste it in the answer then delete it before you post your answer. Or copy it into another text editor.
  • Stuffed mushrooms are always good, if the mushrooms are large enough. 4/23/23
    • Linda Joy
      What do you put in them?
    • dalcocono
      I would remove the stems and gills and mince them with some garlic and shallot or onions and cook them in butter until tender. Then I'd add in some bread crumbs and some cooked meat or chicken finely chopped. Bind it with a bit of cream and season it with s&p and top it with some melting cheese and bake them. Or stuff them with ratatouille and cheese and bake them. Make a meatloaf mixture and stuff them with that. Really anything you like.
  • Baby bellas are probably the best mushrooms to barbeque, but the skin can get tough. They aren't quite flavourful enough to be worth making into a seasoning, but you really can't go wrong slicing them up and putting them in your pasta. If you feel really up for a challenge, there are meatloaf-style nutloaves that make use of different sorts of nuts and mushrooms ground up into a dough. Those tend to turn out pretty tasty, but require a few hours of prep work and cleanup.

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