• Why not just use corn starch? Or coconut oil? But if you just want to play why did you not google natural deodorants? *** You do know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant don't you? For those who don't: Antiperspirant stops you from perspiring. Deodorant just covers up the odor. For that matter perfume would work. Looking at your name I noticed coconut oil, so I assume you know coconut oil is antibiotic, so it will actually kill the bacteria that causes the odor. As for your concoction, I'd probably rather drink it than put sticky honey in my armpits! Also those ingredients are not cheap! But corn starch is, and coconut oil can be used for many more things. I've found coconut oil cheapest at Big Lots. It was a good while back, but I got about a gallon for $12.
    • Linda Joy
      You can also look up recipes for laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies. If you want tips on saving money I have them. I've been low income all my life and I can live comfortably on less than $1000. a month. You can pm me if you want.
  • The active ingredient in many deodorants is aluminium chlorohydrate. It's a colourless powder that safely absorbs perspiration and also controls bacteria growth. Even though it is safe to use, it is a little dangerous to make because of the rapid generation of flammable hydrogen gas combined with heat. So, safety first - *if* you decide to do this, 1. do so in a well ventilated area, like outside, 2. wear the appropriate gloves and eye protection, 3. keep a safe distance from the reaction, especially your face, and 4. keep children, pets, and wild animals away. But if you take aluminum foil and hydrochloric acid (muratic acid will also work, but the product will be a liquid or gel, DO NOT substitute any other kind of acid or else it will make a totally different chemical) and carefully expose the foil to small amounts of acid (one drop at a time works best), a powder will form after the water has evaporate (it will do so quickly as the reaction generates a fair bit of heat). Once the reaction is done, and the material has cooled off (you won't need a lot, so if you only use a few drops of acid, maybe wait 5 minutes just to be safe), scrape up the powder and set it aside. Unless you added way too much acid, the acid should be all reacted, so you can add the powder to your oil base and fragrance to make your own deodorant. If you used diluted acid, you will end up with a liquid or gel, which you can leave in a dry place, and it will turn into a crystalline powder when it is ready. That's the beauty of the stuff, is that is absorbs water but still allows it to easily evaporate. You won't need a lot (if you make a jelly jar worth of homemade deodorant, a quarter teaspoon of this stuff is probably plenty), but if you sweat a lot, you can add more and it will work better. Again, the final product is quite safe, so using too much won't really hurt you, but it will affect the consistency of the end product.
    • bostjan64
      If you don't have hydrochloric acid and don't want to buy it from the hardware store, you can mix salt and vinegar, which creates a mixture of mostly water, acetic acid, and hydrochloric acid. If you can increase the strength of the acid by drying the solution, you can use that instead. The aluminum chlorohydrate will end up contaminated with aluminum acetate, but it's okay, because that product (known as TriCalm) is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. But you'll want to make sure you don't use too much of the product in your deodorant, since aluminum acetate is mildly alkaline and too much could throw off the pH balance of your skin.

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