• Reality definitely extends beyond the limitations of the five senses. For instance, ionizing radiation cannot be directly seen, heard, smelled, tastes, nor touched, yet, indirectly, it obviously has life-altering consequences. And, for as simple as reality often times seems, it is immensely complex, such that our human minds can't really understand it in so many ways. That's why we often bicker about what "the truth" really is in so many situations. Usually, there is a seed of truth in the pit of every lie. So, whether it is UFO's or JFK conspiracies or the war in Ukraine, even the craziest ideas out there usually have some uncomfortable fact grounding them somehow. So, believe what your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin tell you above other people's word, but maybe take their word into account and make note of it, since there is a good chance that, ultimately, neither of you are 100% correct about anything.
    • Linda Joy
      Shadow has a very limited perception of reality. It doesn't include feelings - but they are very real! And memories, what about that?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I know that feelings are real Linda. I just forgot to mention feelings in the question. I am aware of my own feelings and being able to empathise with others but without you having to think differently, I will point out that empathy can not be seen on the internet. You would have to get to know me in person.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      You make a point bostjan64. Reality is more than just the 5 senses. Yes, reality can be complex but each of us make our own reality based on what we see in front of us and that there are certain things we can not describe directly which is part of the real world. I did point out about surroundings in my main question so surroundings are more than what I said. I pointed out some things about surroundings but not everything. I was just being brief about it. Don't believe everything that people say and not to believe everything you see on the television and internet. A broad minded person would think outside the box to come to terms with reality. Some people can be full of bull$hit when they speak it and this can be avoided by not listening to them and only listen to things that make sense that comes out of their mouth if you catch my meaning.

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