• There is no such thing as reincarnation. We do not come back from the dead. We are not zombies. Zombies belong in horror movies created by the movie director. We are humans that were once human therefore we do not come back as something else. Only idiots believe in reincarnation because their mind is in the movies. Those people need to get real. When a person passes away they are gone forever and that’s all there is to it. We do not return since we are not in Return Of The Living Dead which is a horror movie and movies are imagination. Think outside the box meaning be open minded about it and not to engage in a fantasy.
    • Linda Joy
      Stop calling anyone who disagrees with you an idiot. Budhism is more widespread than atheism. You are the idiot any time you call anyone an idiot because of their beliefs. You are the biggot who hates just because someone believes differently from you. Prove to me atheism is true. Prove to me God didn't save my life! Do you squish bugs? Spiders? Do you kill snakes? If a bear was about to attack you would you want the guy with the gun to stop it or let it kill you? The bear is probably smarter than you and never held a prejudiced thought in all its life. We probably all taste the same to it.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      The only idiots are people who believe in anything that came from a movie like reincarnation and bull$hit like that. Too many zombie movies for those people. I am agreeable with people who make sense and who are realistic about things. You are not one of them people because you are religious which happens to be a fantasy. Atheism is not a claim therefore does not require evidence. Common sense and logic come from the conscious mind which is something you fail to understand Linda No Joy. A belief is created in the mind which is based on speculation rather than gain knowledge and awareness in something. You are unable to prove your “god” because you are just full of words and no physical evidence. All religious people are unconvincing because they don’t make sense and when something does not make sense it’s not true. I am not in a situation where I am in danger of an animal attack. I just sit back on the couch watching nature programs where the real animals are in front of the camera. Of course you would mention violence in your comment since you talk about the bear scenario. I stay away from dangerous places where there are animals that can attack people. If a bear is smarter than me it is also smarter than you. Some animals are more intelligent than humans in certain ways.

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