• It's no biggie. Many Answerbaggers also have unanswered questions. It could be the *active members* have not seen the questions 👀 or they find them uninterested 🥱 to answer. I have more than a few unanswered questions. Here are some: Every question asked does not mean it has to be answered. New questions can get swept away on the AB homepage by other questions new and old, and most importantly - what Answerbaggers choose to answer.
  • We are not required to answer every question. You choose not to answer mine, why should I even bother to answer yours? Or was that the plan? I answer the questions that interest me. Whether you answer mine or not. Like Jenny said, no biggie.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I have answered many of your questions before. I know it’s no biggie about not answering every question. I do ask simple questions most of the time that anyone can answer if they choose to.
  • Theres plenty, people cant answer because they have no opinion on the matter or don't know anything about the subject. Others dont answer my questions because they don't like me but thats not my problem . Most probaly because no one thats read your question has an opinion. Example I cant answer questions about snow because Ive only seen snow 5 times in my life.
  • Lots of questions remain unanswered. Either the member doesn't know because they never experienced the subject or there's no opinion. Maybe you can join a different Q&A site for better luck. Or try more times here.
  • Were they too long?
  • Are they too long or too complicated? or maybe ppl just didn't know the answers.

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