• Hiring an attorney on a contingency basis depends on what kind of case is involved. Attorneys who handle these kinds of cases are looking for a sure win that they can settle out of court. Settlements are usually much less than you originally asked for and after they take their 30% cut and subtract fees and other expenses "expenses" (you pay for every letter, stamp, and phone call that is used in the case), you're left with practically nothing. Contingency cases usually involve personal injury, not civil matters (landlords, suing your neighbor - anything that he might have to go to court for). Almost any local attorney in your area will work on a contingency basis if the case qualifies as "can't lose". If he can't handle it, he would be glad to recommend an attorney who can (he gets a referral fee just for turning you onto another attorney).
  • Your state bar association may have a referral line as well- good starting resource for locating some attorneys.

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