• Send a complaint by email, tell them you called but no answer, take photos, explain the situation, usually out of goodwill they will remedy it somehow.
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      @hearingaid - read the TERMS before you start spamming. Your violation has been reported.
  • get over it. Why didn't you check the order when you got it?
  • Chalk it up to the price of an education. You should always check your order before leaving the property (preferably while you're still sitting at the drive-thru window).
  • You need to be more easygoing.
  • This is the BIG problem with drive-through. They should give it a name, something like "The Great Disappointment" (which term applies to a religious group in the 1800s, when Jesus didn't return by the predicted date). *** In drive through AND take-out, it seems like I ALMOST ALWAYS receive a wrong item (or more!) or have an item (or more!) missing. This is ESPECIALLY true when you order chicken with a sauce. The sauce is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the wrong flavor (exception: Chik-Fil-A), and they DON'T bother to tell you that they are out of the ordered flavor when you are ordering. *** IF YOU GO INTO THE RESTAURANT and eat there you avoid all of these problems. Something left out? Go back to the counter. Sauce not available? You can choose another flavor that you can actually stand to eat or get a refund on the item. AND the food is (relatively) hot and fresh. The fries are not soggy. etc. *** IMO drive-through and take-out are a gamble, and experience tells me that I SHOULD expect to lose (even though "good business practices" tell me that I should expect to NOT lose).
  • Call back after the rush is over. They will most likely rectify it for you.
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      He's 40 miles away.

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