• In the US, they have laws that prevent driving too long. Your uncle's lack of socializing wasn't because he was working too hard - it was because he was on a schedule. When he starts out with a load, he has to deliver it within a certain amount of time. This usually doesn't allow for much more than stopping for a bite to eat or refueling at a truck stop (where he might catch a few zzzs). I drove an interstate truck for years and used to brag about how many places I've been. I've only been to San Francisco once - and that was to the warehouse district. San Francisco has many places to visit and do the "tourist thing", but I never had time. Also, driving an 18-wheeler, my GVWR was too high to drive on the smaller streets. This is the kind of thing a truck driver experiences everywhere he goes - he's allowed on certain designated truck routes only. Las Vegas was the same way.
    • 11stevo73
      the punishment of money if one is late I think. He spent his life driving up and down the country and saw bugger all apart from the hume and pacfic Highways. Christmas lunch at the truck stop.
    • Army Veteran
      "Punishment of money if one is late" does figure into it. If he was working for a company, being late would have cost him his job. A lot of companies have to give discounts to customers whose freight is delivered late. Your uncle would have been "punished" from a lack of money if he was late too many times - he would have been sacked. If he was an independent, being late would have destroyed his credibility and he would have had a rough time obtaining loads.
  • They are only allowed to drive a limited amount of hours a day.
  • My son likes it. He and his wife are team drivers. They are always sending post cards from places they have visited. Maybe on vacation. They pulled the truck in here, but didn't stay overnight so it wasn't an issue. But the first time they came over in an uber. Not sure where they left the truck that time. Probably his dad's or his sister's.
    • 11stevo73
      As a kid the uncle sent me heaps of post cards from all over the country. Pity the closest he got to most of the attractions was driving past in a truck. He spent his life driving around the country saw nothing expect the Highway.
    • Linda Joy
      My son and his wife have photos of them enjoying their vacations. In the canoe, skydiving, going to various tourist attractions, etc. I'm fairly sure he could have gone had he wanted to.

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