• *** As far as international standards go, the great majority of nations use the same calendar (the Gregorian Calendar) and so "the date is the same" (but see below why that's not exactly true...). But a few nations do NOT rely on the Gregorian Calendar as their standard calendar. According to the following link, only four nations do not use the Gregorian Calendar as their national standard: [[,and%20Afghanistan%20%28Solar%20Hijri%20calendar%29.%20List%20%5B%20edit%5D ]] *** There is also the matter of TIME ZONES and longitude. For example: when it's 10 AM Wednesday in New York City, it's 4 AM THURSDAY in Auckland New Zealand. Over-simply stated: except at Noon in Greenwich, England, there are large parts of the world where "NOW" is a DIFFERENT DATE in one place than it is in another.
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      I see. That’s interesting to know.
  • The calendar and clocks follow the sun around the world. With the exceptions noted by Bible-Reviews, The countries that have not adopted the international system actually use a dual system because of the international business and travel around the world, much like many countries use two or more languages.
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      And don't forget that here in the northern hemisphere it's now fall but in the southern hemisphere, it's spring.
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      I found this illustration on Wikipedia. It's the planet Earth as seen from the top (North Pole). The line from the North Pole is called the International Date Line and rotates with the Earth. The day or date starts passing over the Eastern corner of Siberia and travels down through the Pacific Ocean.
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      Interesting. Thanks for that information
  • Coming from a different perspective than time, most countries are named after the seven planets, Japan names them after elements that are linked to those planets. However, in Judaism they number them except for Shabbat.
  • Go read up on the international dateline.
  • As Im on the otherside of the internationl date line to the majourity of you most of the time when its Wednesday for you its Thursday for me.

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