• Considering the last one got Roe v Wade overturned and tried to overturn the results of the last election, Biden is a dream come true. lol😉
  • Dissatisfied. *** Now, ask me: when was the last time that I was SATISFIED with a President? I'd answer: George Bush Jr. for only a short time, and before that George Bush Sr.
  • If Biden had better policies I would like him
  • Dissatisfied as a president. He closed the pipeline that had gas prices down and caused hellacious inflation. He protects his son from justice and threatened to cut off aid to foreign countries if they didn't give his son a job. He's a bully. I pray for his mind. He is well into senility, slurring his words shuffling his feet and being unable to leave a podium without his dear wife directing him. I'm sad for him.
  • ROFL 😆
  • He's doing a great job but he has been hindered by the Republicans.

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